How to select your commercial construction partners

We love our network of architects at Fleming Complete. Here’s what makes them stand out from the rest.

When faced with a construction or improvement project, you’re faced with a daunting task. You want the best construction team to fit your needs. Just as Fleming Complete wants to be your construction partner, our network of architects is each focused on being a partner with you. Here’s the advice we’ve received from our architects in helping clients choose the right architectural partner.

  • Look for an architect who has experience in a variety of projects. Do they have experience in projects like yours?
  • Ask for references including clients, engineers, and general contractors.
  • Listen to how they talk about their projects:
    • Is it all about them or is it about the client’s needs?
    • Are they friendly and efficient?
  • Ask about their process so you understand how they manage the applications, design, and construction steps while supporting you. Their process should include:
    • Discussing your facility and needs
    • Researching zoning, constraints, and opportunities
    • Pre-design
    • General contractor selection and incorporation
    • Design
    • Construction documentation
    • Construction and changes
    • Close-out

Approach your next construction or improvement project with the right construction partners. Take your time and choose wisely as your decisions will last a long time.

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