Construction Ladder Safety:

How many times have you seen a subcontractor unfold a ladder and start working?

Have you wondered if the ladder was appropriate for its use or safe?

Have you ever wondered if the worker was being safe?

Well, rest at ease because we train monthly plus we hold weekly jobsite trainings.

Knowing your construction partner is being save will result in peace of mind, zero injuries, and will positively impact the efficiency of your project.

We take the time out to train all employees and crew members on the safe use of ladders because falls are the number one cause of death on construction sites.

We take sound OSHA advise to heart by: providing the right ladder for the job, ensuring labeling is current and complying with the label notices, and training on proper use and hazards.

A great piece of advise is: 3 points of contact…always.

More guidance from OSHA can be found here.