The pressure on restaurant owners and managers has never been greater. Addressing the rapidly changing demands of health-conscious and convenience oriented consumers is putting a lot of pressure on restaurants to offer more efficient food prep and dining spaces that evoke a mood, spark conversation and produce a warm atmosphere.

In the throes of a restaurant upgrade or construction project there are many critical details that can be easily overlooked without detailed plans and a top-notch contractor helping you. Underestimating construction costs and timelines are all too common mistakes, even among experienced restaurant owners and operators. In addition, local health and building codes have become much more stringent in recent years and inspectors are well-equipped to spot mistakes.

At Fleming Complete we take pride in serving by-the-book Phoenix area restaurant owners and managers with solid estimates, on-time completion and strict attention to budget. Our clients include Peter Piper Pizza, Jimmy John’s, McDonalds and more.

Contact us about your restaurant repair, upgrade or modernization project and we’ll be happy to send a Construction Project Manager to speak with you at your location. There’s no obligation and we’re glad to share what we know.