As one of Phoenix’s top commercial building remodelers, we see a lot of new trends in renovations and tenant improvements. Everywhere we go it seems, from aviation hangars to offices to restaurants and beyond, lighting retrofits are a hot item.

Investments in new lighting are yielding multiple benefits including lower energy costs, improved workplace productivity and more efficiencies with Wi-Fi and the internet. The lighting industry itself is producing ever more fascinating products such as Li-Fithe use of the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit information at very high speeds, and indoor positioning that may very well transform our indoor spaces as times goes by.

  1. Connectivity – This is going by various names including “‘smart” and “connected.” The premise is that your lighting is connected with other devices and can be controlled from a variety of places with distance being irrelevant. The primary benefit is reduced energy costs but other benefits include employee safety and comfort.
  2. Wireless – LED is now mainstream and we’re seeing more and more emphasis on wireless controls, which is especially appealing for retrofit projects. It’s all about the tablet or smartphone. Wireless LED comes in a huge variety of architectural options that can sharpen an office’s appearance while improving its light quality. Minimalistic designs are popular in open and private offices, conference rooms, corridors, schools, labs, and public spaces.
  3. Sleek Design – The world seems to be moving toward a design dominated by urbanization, which requires that just about everything be smaller and more functional. Lighting is no exception as retrofits move from traditional, bulky choices to much sleeker options that provide plenty of light and is often healthier.

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