Source:  AZRE September-October 2016, “Rising in the East” by David McGlothlin

AZRE’s September/October 2016 issue offers great information.

Page 26 “Rising in the East” reports positive growth for our cities, which you may find interesting. Here you’ll find detailed information about Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale.

Tempe is becoming a tech hub. With easy access to surrounding freeways, the airport and an educated workforce with Arizona State University nearby, the city continues to transform itself with projects such as transforming the abandoned Flour Mill into a new gateway to Mill Avenue.

Mesa’s growth continues to focus on industrial developments involving both new construction and retrofitting established buildings, such as the Fiesta District development. The Gateway Airport, now renamed the Elliot Road Technology Corridor, will offer a 63-acre tech center with an aerospace and aviation component.

Chandler remains steadfast with it’s manufacturing and research development projects. Their semiconductor focus accounts for 2.5 million square feet of new product on the market which has generated $500 million in capital expenditures.

Vacancy rates in Gilbert are at their lowest in five years. How does the City of Gilbert accomplish this? by attracting the right industries, such as light industrial, STEM and healthcare related companies.

With more retail and office developments in demand, the City of Scottsdale offers a strong real estate market. A holistic approach to city growth and a strong tourism industry help support Scottsdale’s continued growth.

What does this mean to Fleming Complete? We’re proud to be in an area that offers so much to so many industries. It also means continued construction, repair and tenant improvement growth. Let us help you manage your facility and work space so you can focus on your goals – continued growth and superior customer satisfaction.