Project Description

Office Improvements & Repairs

  • Drywall Repairs and Painting Completed
  • Drywall Repairs and Painting Started
  • Drywall Repairs and Painting Completed #2
  • Miscellaneous Drywall Repairs
  • Drywall and Cove Base Repairs
  • Finished furnished and installed lighting fixtures
  • Furnished and Installed Steel Corner Guards

Office improvements sometimes consist of a large list of repairs, which once completed improve the overall appearance and environment of an office.

With this project, we completed a very selective tenant improvement to an existing 480,000 sf 5-story office building in Scottsdale, AZ.

Some of the office repairs included:

  • Demolished an existing office and created a new break area
  • Miscellaneous drywall repairs throughout
  • Removed wall signage, and performed drywall repairs and painted
  • Replaced wall coverings within selected areas
  • Furnished and installed forty-one (41) stainless steel corner guards
  • Reconfigured light switching and relocated electrical devices
  • Furnished and installed three (3) new light fixtures

Fleming Complete is your service provider, whether your office needs include a long list of repairs, an entire office refresh or an improvement.

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