Project Description

Peter Piper Pizza


Various, Arizona


Fleming Complete is proud to be affiliated with multiple Peter Piper Pizza projects, including re-branding many of their locations.

Here you’ll find several completed projects throughout Arizona including: a 12,600 sq. ft. renovation, signage installation, repair and maintenance completed within the restaurant area, and exterior repairs.

Ensuring client timelines are met is one of our concerns. We manage projects so as to attain the best results within the given time.

We’re able to coordinate services from multiple industries: flooring, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, painting, signage, masonry, and landscaping while ensuring each service meets customer expectations. We’re not happy until you’re happy with your renovation.


“We truly value Fleming Complete’s focus and dedication to helping us be the best we can be,” said Mark Eastham, Director of Operations for Peter Piper Pizza.

“Our guests spend an average of 90 minutes in our restaurants, so the building and facilities have to be immaculate. Fleming is always there when we need them and is proactive in making sure we stay on top of things. We genuinely appreciate Fleming for helping us keep our locations in tip top shape and fun for all ages.”