Developing Minds Reconfiguration

Scottsdale, Arizona

Developing Minds Reconfiguration Tenant Improvements

As parents can attest, the value of one’s childcare facility is invaluable. The completion of Developing Minds childcare facility renovation not only for the success of their business, but also for the safety of their client’s children!

Our expertise in tenant improvements was invaluable. Not only were we able to complete an interior facelift of an educational space with new paint, flooring and casework, but we were also able to build something new – a stage for the children to present performances.

Our experience allowed us to quickly overcome an unwanted surprise, without losing time on the schedule. What was the surprise? An unexpected renovation of almost the entire underground plumbing system. We were able to identify the problem and secure new subcontractors to ensure the facility was repaired to the proper standards, while being mindful of Developing Minds budget and timeline.

It’s important when selecting a tenant improvement contractor that you find an experienced company with the know how to handle any situation and with a vast subcontractor network to ensure budgets and timelines are met. Fleming Complete wants to be your tenant improvement contractor. Whether you have a large improvement or small repairs, we want to be the one call for your facility needs. CONTACT US to see how we can create the best educational environment for your enrollees!

Developing Minds Reconfiguration Tenant Improvements