Flooring Repairs


Arizona Flooring Repairs

It’s no surprise, restaurants experience high traffic. That’s why we react as quickly as possible to assist our clients in repairing, replacing and improving their locations.

Whether it’s replacing VCT or tiles, repairing or installing carpeting, and sealing concrete, Fleming Complete can react quickly with minimal impact to your business by operating after hours and on weekends.

Let us know if you have a Phoenix area repair or improvement project that requires unusual hours. We’d be honored to help.

We truly value Fleming Complete’s focus and dedication to helping us be the best we can be.

Our guests spend an average of 90 minutes in our restaurants, so the building and facilities have to be immaculate. Fleming is always there when we need them and is proactive in making sure we stay on top of things. We genuinely appreciate Fleming for helping us keep our locations in tip top shape and fun for all ages.

Mark Eastham

Director of Operations, Peter Piper Pizza

Flooring Repairs
Flooring Repairs