Arizona’s monsoon season can wreak havoc on roofs. What might be a small roof repair all of the sudden becomes a major repair with interior damage.

Have you experienced any of these Top 10 Signs That It’s Time To Repair Your Roof:

10. The roof maintenance man is #1 on your speed dial.
9.  You hear squishing sounds every time you walk on the carpet.
8.  The dew point is up, and so are operating costs.
7.  Your blood pressure rises when you hear the words “chance of rain.”
6.  You’re afraid to even look at your current roof.
5.  Yesterday there were three stains on the ceiling. Today there are four.
4.  You’re still reading this list, and still nodding your head.
3.  The company that installed your current roof is no longer in business.
2.  Your trash can has been used as a leak bucket more than once.
1.  You just discovered the company that will solve your roof problems – Fleming Complete

Don’t wait until the next rain to have your roof evaluated. Contact Fleming Complete for your roof evaluation.